Our myStandDesk products is covered by a limited warranty, given our confidence in the superior quality and manufacturing process of our desktops, frames, motors, electronics, and accessories.

How long is the coverage?

All our products come with a standard 2 years warranty.

If you purchased the extended warranty, the coverage is for 5 years

How does the warranty work?

In the rare event that any of your myStandDesk products becomes defective, just let us know at

A support specialist will get in touch with you to troubleshoot the problem and identify any defective parts. We will then ship to you the replacement parts at absolutely no costs.

Our products are designed from the ground up to be simple to assemble, repair, and replace (as per our design philosophy).

Any replacement parts will be extremely easy to install, with clear written/graphical/video instructions. If the defect is too complicated to fix though a simple parts replacement, we will send you a brand new set as replacement.

* Should you prefer to have a technician do the replacement for you, we can also provide labour at $80 per trip.

What is covered?

The warranty covers any malfunction resulting from manufacturing defects.

Desk frame: replacement of defective frame, motor, controller, switch, or electronics mechanisms
Table board: replacement if the desktop becomes unusable because of manufacturing defect
Accessories: repairs or replacement of any defective accessories

What is not covered?

The warranty does not cover problems resulting from wear and tear, user misuse, improper set-up or unauthorized modification.

*Do note imperfections occur naturally in wood and are not eligible for warranty. All wood products, regardless of how well it’s cared for, will eventually begin to show age and wear.