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myStandDesk RISER

myStandDesk RISER:  

The Power Of Standing

Stop, sit, and think. Now stand and do the same. Feel the difference this small change makes. Humans did not evolve to be hunched in front of a desk 10 hours a day.

Standing periodically not only boost your focus and productivity, it also banishes a lot of health problems linked to prolonged sitting.

myStandDesk Riser

   ●   Desktop Size: 950mm X615mm
   ●   Large surface for holding more devices
   ●   Premium finish, long lasting, eco-board
   ●   Enough space for 2 monitors
   ●   Monitor arm compatible

Desk Height Range

10.6cm to 50cm

Total Desktop Size

95cm X 61.5cm

Upper Layer Size

95cm X 40cm

Keyboard Layer Size

94.5cm X 30cm

Weight  Capacity



3 years limited warranty


There’s no assembly required for myStandDesk Riser. You can use it out of the box.

Free Shipping

Your orders will be delivered within 10 days. We will contact you a few days before the delivery to arrange a suitable time.

Delivery is FREE. Charges however apply for certain scenarios:
– No lift access deliveries are subject to additional $9 per floor

Warranty Information

myStandDesk Riser comes with an industry-leading 3 years limited warranty.

What is covered?

The warranty covers any malfunction resulting from manufacturing defects.

Desktop: replacement if the desktop becomes unusable because of manufacturing defect
Accessories: repairs or replacement of any defective accessories

What is not covered?

The warranty does not cover problems resulting from wear and tear, user misuse, improper set-up or unauthorized modification.


Send us an email at service@standingdesk.sg with your original receipt number, contact details, and description of the problem.
We’ll exchange any defective parts and send down a technician if necessary.