myStandDesk vs IKEA

Here’s a comparison of the key differences between myStandDesk against a standing desk you get from Ikea.

Table Top Quality

Our table tops are made of high compression particle board (MDF).
This prevents warping, provides high weight capacity, and ensures durability for decades.

The board is capped with a German laminate (the external layer) that has been rigorously tested to be scratch, heat, and water resistant.
i.e. It doesn’t bubble, discolour, or have unsightly marks.

How it compares

If you, or someone you know, have purchased cheap IKEA furniture before, you’d know how long (or short), it lasts.
We can’t comment on IKEA’s specific flaws, but we can show you a cross section of a popular IKEA table top vs ours.

It’s clear which one is more durable.

myStandDesk IKEA
High compression particle board Paper lining

 Superior Warranty Experience

Yes, in general, IKEA provides a slightly longer warranty than we do.
However, we guarantee our warranty experience is miles ahead.

Think about the steps to claim IKEA’s warranty.
1) Dissemble the whole table
2) Find out what’s the faulty part (if not you’d have to bring the whole table down)
3) Overturn your home to find the receipt
4) Drive to a crowded Ikea store
5) Waste precious time queue in line
6) Change your parts
7) Drive back
8) Reassemble your table

You’d need to figure it out yourself, travel a long distance to a crowded store, and waste hours on it.

Here’s how we do it:
1) Contact us
2) We work with you to identify the faulty part
3) Replacement parts (or whole table) will be delivered to you at no cost
4) You easily switch out the part with our guidance

You just wait at home, and we’ll guide you through it.
Your time is too precious for us to waste.


While Ikea can seem cheap, there are hidden costs.

Delivery is not free

Ikea charges $70 to deliver your table.
We do it for FREE.



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